Visit Puglia: tourism and highlights

Here you can find many of our favourite places throughout Puglia with full reviews on Italy This Way...


photo of Alberobello

Alberobello is a beautiful little town full of incredible buildings called trulli with cone-shaped roofs [...]

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Alberona (Foggia Province)

photo of Alberona

Alberona is a beautiful village in the Puglia region of Italy [...]

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photo of Altamura

Altamura is a historical town with a fine cathedral and reputedly the beast bread in Italy. [...]

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Bari (Bari Province)

photo of Bari

Bari is a coastal city with an interesting historic centre. [...]

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photo of Barletta

Barletta is a historic town with the largest bronze statue dating from Ancient Roman times. [...]

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photo of Bitonto

Bitonto is a pretty town with some important museums and archaeological sites. [...]

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Cagnano Varano (Gargano Province)

photo of Cagnano Varano

Cagnano Varano is a pretty hilltop village close to Lake Varano. [...]

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Carpino (Gargano Province)

photo of Carpino

Carpino is a pretty village with fine views. [...]

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Castel del Monte

photo of Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is an unusual octagonal shaped castle in southern Italy. [...]

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photo of Galatina

Galatina centre has some fine Baroque buildings. [...]

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photo of Gallipoli

A popular seaside resort, Gallipoli's old centre is on an island accessed by a bridge. [...]

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Ischitella (Gargano Province)

photo of Ischitella

Ischitella is a popular resort with a pretty old town of narrow alleys and colourful houses. [...]

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Isole Tremiti (Foggia Province)

photo of Isole Tremiti

Isole Tremiti is a beautiful group of Islands in the Adriatic sea near Italy. They are very popular for summer holidays. [...]

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photo of Lecce

Lecce has an abundance of rich Baroque architecture [...]

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Lesina (Gargano Province)

photo of Lesina

A town on the edge of a lake, Lesina is popular for water-sports and nature-lovers. [...]

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photo of Locorotondo

Not to be missed! Locorotondo is famous for its quaint cottages called 'trulli'. [...]

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Lucera (Foggia Province)

photo of Lucera

Lucera has a Roman amphitheatre and a Medieval castle amongst other historic buildings. [...]

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photo of Manfredonia

Manfredonia castle can be visited and is now the home of a National Archaeological museum. [...]

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Mattinata (Gargano Province)

photo of Mattinata

Mattinata has both a nice beach resort and an attractive village a little inland. [...]

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Monte Sant'Angelo (Gargano Province)

photo of Monte Sant'Angelo

The Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo along with its sacred cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [...]

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Ostuni (Brindisi Province)

photo of Ostuni

Ostuni is known as the 'White City' for its lovely white-washed buildings. [...]

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photo of Otranto

Otranto is a lovely seaside town on the Adriatic sea of Italy [...]

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Peschici (Gargano Province)

photo of Peschici

Visit Peschici which is one of the prettiest resorts on the Gargano Peninsula. [...]

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Rignano Garganico (Gargano Province)

photo of Rignano Garganico

Visit the well preserved old town of Rignano Garganico and admire the views from its hilltop position. [...]

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Rodi Garganico (Gargano Province)

photo of Rodi Garganico

Visit Rodi Garganico whose pretty white houses rise up from its large sandy beach. [...]

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Ruvo di Puglia (Bari Province)

photo of Ruvo di Puglia

Ruvo di Puglia has an attractive old centre and and attractive Romanesque cathedral. [...]

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San Giovanni Rotondo (Gargano Province)

photo of San Giovanni Rotondo

San Giovanni Rotondo is the second most visited pilgrim site in the world with visitors visiting the tomb of Padre Pio. [...]

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San Marco in Lamis (Gargano Province)

photo of San Marco in Lamis

The Monastery at San Marco in Lamis is a popular pilgrim destination. [...]

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San Nicandro (Gargano Province)

photo of San Nicandro

San Nicandro has a medieval centre surrounded by defensive walls and dominated by its castle. [...]

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Specchia (Lecce Province)

photo of Specchia

Beautiful village in the 'heel' of Italy. [...]

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photo of Taranto

Sitting on the edge of the sea, Taranto's impressive castle dominates the old town. [...]

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Trani (Barletta-Andria-Trani Province)

photo of Trani

Trani is a delightful seaside port with an elegant town centre. [...]

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Troia (Foggia Province)

photo of Troia

Visit Troia for its beautiful cathedral. [...]

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Vieste (Foggia Province)

photo of Vieste

Vieste is a beautiful fishing village set dramatically on top of a rocky promontory. It has some great beaches. [...]

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