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Photo of Isole Tremiti

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Isole Tremiti is a stunning archipelago just north of the Gargano peninsula in the Adriatic sea. It is part of the Gargano national park. The group of islands is so named because of its regular seismic activity - tremiti means tremours!

Explore Isole Tremiti

This is a very popular holiday spot in July and August and around 100,000 visitors take the ferry across to the islands each summer. If you are looking for something a bit quieter then visit out of season when the islands return to their natural tranquility. To get there you can get a ferry from Termoli, Foggia, Vieste, Rodi Garganico and Capoiale.

All of the islands are stunning with their white cliffs, dense pine forests and picturesque coves surrounded by the jewel-blue Adriatic Sean. The waters around the islands are clear and teeming with fish making them great for swimming and snorkling.

There are five islands in total: San Domino, San Nicola (St Nicholas), Cretaccio, Caprara and Pianosa.

The largest and most popular island is San Domino and this one is the most organised for tourism. It is also the only island with a sandy beaches. San Domino and St Nicholas are the only two islands that are inhabitated though few are permanent residents. Inland the island is covered in Aleppa pines and wild flowers. This island is the most beautiful. Hotels and facilities can be found in Villaggio San Domino, the islands small town. There is also a diving centre.


During Mussolini's rule San Domina was used as an internment camp for homosexuals. Homosexuals were banned by Mussolini and rounded up and shipped over to the island. Difficult living conditions meant that some died here.

By boat you can reach the caves of Viole, Le Rondinelle and Bue Marino. Inland from the Colle dell'Eremit you can get some great views. Also look out for the elephant rock - a rock which looks like an elephants head.

San Nicola has the only real town, a wonderful medieval, fortress-like town sitting on the top of a cliff on the sea-edge. The Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare is the main monument on the archipelego and both Benedictine and later Cistercian monks once inhabited the abbey. To defend the abbey fortified walls were built and the Castle of Badillo.

The medieval town is home to a number of bars and restaurants as well as various monuments and churches.

Cretaccio is an uninhabited island as is Caprara and they can only be visited by boat. Pianosa is 20 km away and is a marine reserve and not visitable.

Places to Visit Nearby

Back on the mainland the Gargano peninsula is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of southern Italy. There are many intersting towns and villages to visit on the peninsula.

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