Alberona is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

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Alberona sits on the slopes of Mount Stylus with commanding views over the Puglia countryside, and, on a clear day, across the sea to the Tremiti islands. It is one of Italy's most beautiful villages. It has also been awarded the Orange Flag (a national tourist award).

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Alberona streetAlberona is a village of pretty pale stone buildings on a hill side surrounded by, and overlooking, extensive woodlands.

The village was in fiefdom to the Knights of Malta for five centuries and you can see their coat of arms. In later years it passed to the Knights Templar before once again passing to the Knights of Malta.

Alberona towerAs well as enjoying strolling around the pretty streets and narrow alleys of the village and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and the views, visit the Torre del Priore, a distinctive round tower which belonged to the Knights Templar in the 14th century.

When the village passed back to the Knights of Malta it became the home of the Grand Prior of the order. Most of the original building has disappeared but the tower remains.

Other monuments include the San Rocco church in the main square and the church of Santa Maria. Notice also the fountain, known as the 'mute' fountain because the running water can only be heard when you are very close to the fountain.

A good time to come to Alberona is the last Saturday of April for the 'Festival of the Crowned Madonna'.

Walkers amongst you will want to explore the surrounding woodland and a nice way to do this is to follow the 'Canale dei Tigli' which follows one of the many fast-flowing streams in the area and leads you past a number of waterfalls and torrents.

Alternatively there is an easier walk up Mount Cornacchia to 1000 meters above sea-level from where you can admire the views whilst taking refreshments at a wooden refuge at the top.

Places to Visit Nearby

Alberona is close to Lucera, worth a visit for its Roman ampitheatre and its medieval castle.

The nearby village of Troia is home to a pretty cathedral with one of the finest rose windows in Italy.

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