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Cannero Riviera is a small town on the shores of Lake Maggiore, to the south of Cannobio and north of Stresa.

Exploring Cannero Riviera

Italy This Way review: Cannero Riviera is a small town that we would not suggest you travel a long way to visit, but if you are touring Lake Maggiore you could stop here en route to take the promenade along the lake: the whole visit can be completed in less than an hour unless you stop for a meal....

Villas along Lake Maggiore in Cannero Riviera

The main activity at Cannero Riviera is to follow the promenade along the lake. As well as attractive views across Lake Maggiore, there are also several impressive villas along the path. Unlike many towns, the promenade here is simply a path along the water, there are not many cafes and restaurants (although there are several restaurants in the town).

If you are walking north, after a few hundred metres you reach a small port. This a small port with steep sides, and the main reason we suggest you visit the town: although it is not very big the harbour is very picturesque.

On a small island in the lake to the west of the old port you can see the Castle of Cannero. Although the castle can not be visited, it adds interest to the view of the lake.


If you walk south from the town centre you reach another small port, surrounded by holidy apartments (the Hapimag Resort). Although these are quite recent they are also quite colourful and attractive. Away from the lake, the historic centre of Cannero Riviera is small but there are a few streets of small historic buildings.

Not far from the town there is a lovely walk that starts from Piancavallo (parking of the Centro Auxologico di Piancavallo) to explore the fortifications of Monte Morissolo. The path starts on the left of the church and continues along to the fortifications, carved out of the rock in the First World War to defend Italy against attacks through Switzerland by the Austrian / German army.

After exploring the passages of the fortifications, continue to the top of Monte Morissolo where there is a series of three crosses. The walk takes about 30 minutes and has lovely lake views.

Promenade in Cannero

Attractions near Cannero Riviera

To the north of Cannero Riviera, the town of Cannobio is our favourite on Lake Maggiore because of its charming lakeside promenade and historic centre.

Travelling south from here you reach Stresa, the most important town on the lake, and from where you can get ferries to explore the Borromean islands.

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