Visit Umbria: tourism and highlights

Here you can find many of our favourite places throughout Umbria with full reviews on Italy This Way...


photo of Amelia

The fortified town of Amelia has many palazzos and monuments from the 16th-18th centuries [...]

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photo of Assisi

The birthplace of Saint Francis of Assisi is best known for its basilica dedicated to the saint [...]

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Bastia Umbra

photo of Bastia Umbra

In Bastia Umbra old town you can see impressive churches and artworks, among other historic highlights [...]

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photo of Bettona

The historic centre of the village of Bettona still retains its fortified walls, in part Etruscan in origin [...]

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photo of Bevagna

The Piazza Silvestri in the heart of Bevagna is a lovely piazza surrounded by medieval buildings [...]

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photo of Cascia

Cascia has many important religious monuments including the famous Shrine of Saint Rita of Cascia [...]

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Castiglione del Lago

photo of Castiglione del Lago

Still retaining its 13th century defensive walls, Castiglione del Lago is on the shores of Lake Trasimeno [...]

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Citta Della Pieve

photo of Citta Della Pieve

The town of Citta della Pieve is best known for its many artworks by the renaissance artist Perugino [...]

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Citta di Castello

photo of Citta di Castello

The small historic centre of Citta di Castello contains an impressive number of historic palazzos and churches [...]

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photo of Foligno

The cathedral and cloisters, and the impressive art museum, are the highlights of a visit to Foligno [...]

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Gualdo Cattaneo

photo of Gualdo Cattaneo

The Borgia’s Fortress is the main attraction in Gualdo Tadino, which also has several interesting churches [...]

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Gualdo Tadino

photo of Gualdo Tadino

The fortress and castle museum are the principal attraction in the small town of Gualdo Tadino [...]

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photo of Gubbio

The numerous historic monuments in Gubbio span the period from the Ancient Romans to the Renaissance [...]

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Lisciano Niccone

photo of Lisciano Niccone

The village of Lisciano Niccone is visited for the castle ruins, part of the Archaeological Park of Cortona [...]

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Lugnano in Teverina

photo of Lugnano in Teverina

The medieval village of Lugnano in Teverina has several interesting historic buildings including the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta [...]

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photo of Magione

The fortress is the principal monument in the ancient town of Magione [...]

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photo of Montefalco

The ancient village of Montefalco still retains its imposing fortified walls and interesting old town centre [...]

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photo of Narni

The older part of Narnia has retained a great deal of its medieval character, palazzos and alleyways [...]

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Nocera Umbra

photo of Nocera Umbra

The cathedral, art museum, and streets around Piazza Caprera are the highlight of a visit to Nocera Umbra [...]

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photo of Norcia

Medieval Norcia retains an attractive centre with narrow streets and the Church of Saint Benedict among the sights [...]

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photo of Orvieto

Famous for its 13th century cathedral, Orvieto also has other interesting monuments to discover [...]

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photo of Perugia

The important art gallery and the many historic buildings combine to make Perugia a highlight of your visit [...]

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photo of Pietralunga

The fortress and surrounding palazzos are the heart of your visit to Pietralunga [...]

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San Gemini

photo of San Gemini

The ancient part of San Gemini is very pleasant to explore and has several individual monuments of note [...]

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photo of Sellano

Despite several earthquakes across the centuries Sellano still retains an attractive village centre [...]

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photo of Spello

The attractive medieval village of Spello has an attractive ancient centre and also several important artworks [...]

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photo of Spoleto

Numerous historic monuments from the Roman to Renaissance periods ensure Spoleto is a very popular destination [...]

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photo of Terni

The ancient centre of Terni and the natural environment of the Marmore waterfall combine to make a varied destination [...]

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photo of Todi

Beautiful medieval palazzos, a cathedral and the Etruscan Museum are among the highlights of a visit to Todi [...]

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photo of Trevi

The hillside position, views across the countryside and medieval heart of Trevi make it an unmissable destination [...]

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photo of Umbertide

Best known for its fortress, Umbertide also has several other notable ancient sites of interest [...]

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photo of Valfabbrica

After exploring quaint Valfabbrica be sure to also visit some of the small unspoiled villages nearby [...]

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photo of Valtopina

The region around Valtopina contains numerous ancient villages and churches typical of the region [...]

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