Visit Molise: tourism and highlights

Here you can find many of our favourite places throughout Molise with full reviews on Italy This Way...

Campitello Matese (Campobasso Province)

photo of Campitello Matese

Campitello Matese is a popular ski station and summer destination for hikers. [...]

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Campobasso (Campobasso Province)

photo of Campobasso

Campobasso is the regional capital of Molise and home to the Castello Monforte. [...]

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Castel San Vincenzo (Isernia Province)

photo of Castel San Vincenzo

Castel San Vincenzo is a pretty mountain village and home to the important abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno. [...]

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Limosano (Campobasso Province)

photo of Limosano

Limosano is a sleepy medieval village set in the pretty Molise countryside. [...]

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Pietrabbondante (Isernia Province)

photo of Pietrabbondante

Pietrabbondante is home to the important excavations of an ancient Samnite town. [...]

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Rocchetta al Volturno (Isernia Province)

photo of Rocchetta al Volturno

Rocchetta a Volturno is a ghost town destroyed by landslides and WW2 bombings. [...]

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Sepino (Campobasso Province)

photo of Sepino

Sepino ia a beautiful town and home to important Roman remains [...]

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Termoli (Campobasso Province)

photo of Termoli

Termoli is a popular seaside resort with a castle and narrow old streets to explore. [...]

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