Marche places to visit and attractions

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the Marche region. See also our Marche travel guide.

photo of Ancona


If you have an hour to spare before your flight from Falconara airport you might enjoy a visit to Ancona...
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photo of Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno

Both the walled town of Ascoli Piceno and the surrounding countryside have a lot to recommend them
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photo of Cagli


The cathedral and churches are among the highlights of a visit to historic Cagli
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photo of Camerino


In interesting Camerino the impressive palazzos and the art museum are the main sights of interest
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photo of Cingoli


Visited as a trip from one of the resorts nearby on the Adriatic, the small town of Cingoli has a great deal to admire
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photo of Conero peninsula

Conero peninsula

The Conero peninsula includes popular seaside resorts, traditional villages and historic monuments
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photo of Fabriano


Fabriano has several interesting historic monuments, the highlight being the Palazzo del Podestà
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photo of Fano


Best known as a seaside resort, Fano also has several impressive palazzos and churches
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photo of Fermo


As well as the historic centre you will also enjoy the views from Fermo across the surrounding countryside
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photo of Frasassi caves

Frasassi caves

The caves at Frasassi are one of the most extensive cave systems in Europe open to the public
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photo of Jesi


The medieval centre, old town and cathedral make Jesi an interesting destination to explore
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photo of Loreto


Loreto is an important pilgrimage town because of the Holy House of the Virgin Mary, brought here from Nazareth in the 13th century
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photo of Macerata


In Macerata you will see numerous interesting medieval buildings in and around the Piazza della Liberta
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photo of Pesaro


Pesaro is best known as a beach resort but also has a fascinating medieval centre and art museum
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photo of Recanati


The hill town of Recanati is well known for the Leopardi Palace and the many artworks to be seen throughout the town
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photo of San Marino

San Marino

San Marino is an independent principality set high on a hilltop with stunning views
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photo of San Severino

San Severino

Highlights in San Severino include the remarkable ensemble of buildings around the Piazza del Popolo and the Archaeological Park of Septempeda
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photo of Tolentino


Both the basilica in Tolentino itself and the nearby Abbey of Chiaravalle de Fiastra are unmissable highlights
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photo of Urbania


The small town of Urbania includes the Church of the Dead with 50 mummified monks on display as a highlight!
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photo of Urbino


The medieval centre of Urbino is very well preserved and not to be missed when you are in the region
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