Visit Lombardy: tourism and highlights

Here you can find many of our favourite places throughout Lombardy with full reviews on Italy This Way...

Bellagio (Como Province)

photo of Bellagio

The harbour village of Bellagio is a pretty village on Lake Como [...]

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photo of Bergamo

Bergamo, with its palaces, cathedral and medieval towers, is an interesting town to visit in Lombardy [...]

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Bormio (Sondrio Province)

photo of Bormio

The ancient town of Bormio is best known as a ski resort and spa town, and well placed to explore the Alps of northern Italy [...]

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photo of Brescia

Slightly off the usual tourist trails, Brescia has a castle and a cathedral among its historic highlights [...]

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Cernobbio (Como Province)

photo of Cernobbio

Cernobbio is an attractive small town to the south-west end of Lake Como in Lombardy [...]

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Certosa di Pavia (Pavia Province)

photo of Certosa di Pavia

The Carthusian monastery at Certosa di Pavia is one of the finest examples of a gothic style monastery in Italy [...]

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photo of Chiavenna

In Chiavenna you will enjoy exploring the narrow medieval streets and visiting the Collegiate Church of Saint Lawrence [...]

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Como (Como Province)

photo of Como

Como is an important historic town at the southern end of Lake Como [...]

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Como cathedral (Como Province)

photo of Como cathedral

The cathedral in Como is the most important historic monument in Como, at the southern end of Lake Como [...]

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photo of Crema

In the center of Lombardy, Crema has an interesting historic centre with a cathedral and baptistery [...]

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photo of Cremona

Cremona has an attractive historic center around its cathedral, and is famous as the birthplace of Stradivarius [...]

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Desenzano del Garda (Brescia Province)

photo of Desenzano del Garda

Desenzano del Garda is a lively resort surrounded by UNESCO listed fortifications [...]

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photo of Domaso

Domaso is a small harbour town on the north of Lake Como [...]

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Gardone Riviera

photo of Gardone Riviera

Gardone Riviera, on the banks of Lake Garda, is well known for the lovely villa and gardens of Il Vittoriale [...]

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Gravedona (Como Province)

photo of Gravedona

Gravedona, on northern Lake Como, is well placed to explore the surrounding mountains and practice water sports on the lake [...]

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Iseo (Brescia Province)

photo of Iseo

Iseo is a pleasant town with a harbour and historic centre on Lake Iseo [...]

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Lake Maggiore

photo of Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is the most western of the Lombardy lakes, with the Borromean islands just one of the popular attractions [...]

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Lecco (Lecco Province)

photo of Lecco

Lecco, at the southern tip of Lake Como, has a harbour with lovely views across the lake and mountains [...]

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photo of Lenno

Lenno is a picturesque small town and harbour on Lake Como, near the Villa Balbianello [...]

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Limone sul Garda

photo of Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda is a small town with a beautiful harbour on the north shores of Lake Garda [...]

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photo of Lodi

The Piazza della Vittoria in Lodi is surrounded by medieval palaces and a cathedral and the focus of your visit to the town [...]

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Lovere (Bergamo Province)

photo of Lovere

Lovere is pretty village with an impressive basilica at the northern end of Lake Iseo [...]

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Malgrate (Lecci Province)

photo of Malgrate

Malgrate is a small town on south-west Lake Como that has a modern promenade with attractive lake views [...]

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photo of Mantua

One of the loveliest town squares in Lombardy can be seen here in Mantova, with a great number of imposing monuments to see [...]

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Menaggio (Como Province)

photo of Menaggio

Menaggio, on the western shore of Lake Como, is a pretty town and well placed to explore the lake [...]

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photo of Milan

With its imposing cathedral and famous shopping, Milan is a much visited city in Lombardy [...]

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Moltrasio (Como Province)

photo of Moltrasio

Moltrasio is a small pretty village with a harbour on south-west Lake Como [...]

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Monte Isola (Brescia Province)

photo of Monte Isola

Monte Isola, with villages including Peschiera and Siviano, is a lovely island in Lake Iseo [...]

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photo of Monza

Monza is an interesting excursion from nearby Milan, to see the Royal Villa and the basilica, among other monuments [...]

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Ossuccio (Como Province)

photo of Ossuccio

Ossuccio is a small village with two historic churches on Lake Como [...]

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Padenghe sul Garda

photo of Padenghe sul Garda

Padenghe sul Garda in Italy is a resort on Lake Garda with an interesting castle and small historic village, and a lake beach [...]

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photo of Pavia

Best known for the Charterhouse, Pavia itself is interesting with medieval towers, several ancient churches and a castle [...]

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Piona Abbey (Lecco Province)

photo of Piona Abbey

Piona abbey is a lovely 12th century abbey in a quiet location on north-east Lake Como [...]

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Pisogne (Brescia Province)

photo of Pisogne

Pisogne is a small town with a medieval tower and a 15th century church with remarkable frescoes [...]

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photo of Sabbioneta

Sabbioneta is unique as a renaissance period 'new town' with a carefully designed 'perfect' town layout [...]

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Sala Comacina (Como Province)

photo of Sala Comacina

Sala Comacina is a pretty little harbour town on Lake Como [...]

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photo of Salo

Salo is a picturesque old town, promenade and harbour on the western shores of Lake Garda [...]

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San Benedetto Po (Mantua Province)

photo of San Benedetto Po

The Polirone Abbey in San Benedetto Po was one of the most important 16th century Benedictine monasteries in Italy [...]

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Sarnico (Bergamo Province)

photo of Sarnico

Sarnico is a town on south Lake Iseo with a small historic centre and a long promenade [...]

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photo of Sirmione

The most visited town on Lake Garda, on the Sirmione peninsula you can visit a castle, roman ruins and a pretty town [...]

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Soncino (Cremona Province)

photo of Soncino

The principal visitor attraction in the Lombardy town of Soncino is the Rocca Sforzesca, a 15th century medieval castle [...]

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Stelvio National Park

photo of Stelvio National Park

In the mountains of northern Lombardy you can discover the stunning scenery of Stelvio National Park [...]

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Sulzano (Brescia Province)

photo of Sulzano

Sulzano is a small village and port and departure point for ferries to Monte Isola [...]

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Tirano (Soncino Province)

photo of Tirano

Tirano in northern Lombardy is visited as the departure point for the Red Train that follows a scenic route across the mountains to Saint Moritz in Switzerland [...]

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Tremezzo (Como Province)

photo of Tremezzo

Tremezzo on Lake Como is visited for a walk along the lake and a visit to Villa Carlotta and its beautiful gardens [...]

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Val Camonica

photo of Val Camonica

The scenic Val Camonica is best known for the thousands of prehistoric engravings to be seen in the valley [...]

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photo of Valtellina

East of Lake Como, Valtellina is a region of vineyards and orchards, ancient towns and villages, and high mountain resorts [...]

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Varenna (Lecco Province)

photo of Varenna

Varenna is a pretty town on the shores of Lake Como, with attractive villas and gardens [...]

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Varese (Varese Province)

photo of Varese

In Varese you can follow the Sacro Monte pilgrimage walk and admire the grand 19th century parks and villas [...]

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photo of Vigevano

Vigevano is well placed to explore the highlights of the Lomellina rice growing region of Lombardy [...]

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Villa Balbianello (Como Province)

photo of Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello is a villa on Lake Como, used as a location in Star Wars [...]

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Villa Carlotta (Como Province)

photo of Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is an 18th century villa on Lake Como, with extensive gardens to explore and an impressive art collection [...]

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photo of Voghera

Voghera is visited for the imposing cathedral and the picturesque villages nearby [...]

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