Basilicata places to visit and attractions

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the Basilicata region. See also our Basilicata travel guide.

photo of Grumento Nova

Grumento Nova

The principal sites of interest in Grumento Nova are the Archaeological Park and Museum of Grumentum and the castle of the Sanseverino
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photo of Matera


Matera is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its fascinating troglodyte centre in the Sassi-di-Matera area.
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photo of Melfi


The imposing castle and museum, the cathedral and churches, and the palaces, are among the places of interest in Melfi
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photo of Metaponto


In Metaponto Archaeological Park and museum you can see Greek temples and artefacts from the 6th century BC
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photo of Pietrapertosa


Pietrapertosa in the Lucanian Dolomites is a "most beautiful village of Italy".
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photo of Rivello


Rivello is a charming medieval village with a good number of notable monuments
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photo of Tricarico


Largely unknown to tourism, Tricarico contains a good number of fascinating palazzos and churches
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photo of Vaglio Basilicata

Vaglio Basilicata

The medieval centre of Vaglio Basilicata is best known for its interesting churches and picturesque paved centre
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