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The local economy in Trabia is based largely on fishing and agriculture, and although the town has not until now been considered an important destination for visitors tourism has started to play a larger part in recent years, based around the castle and churches in the town and the coastline.

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The most important monument in Trabia is certainly the Trabia fortress, which has undergone several renovations over the centuries. The central part of the Castle was built In the Norman period, while under the rule of Blasco Lanza the defenses were increased.

Unusually, there were originally two drawbridges for the castle, which has has a quadrangular layout for the defences, and a cylindrical central tower in the center of the courtyard - this tower was once used as a prison.

Among the religious buildings to visit in Trabia, visit first the Church of Santa Oliva, built by Ottavio Lanza. The church façade has a carved portal and a rose window with two pairs of pilasters that rise up to the tympanum, following a typical Sicilian Baroque style. Following changes in the population of the town the position of the original church has changed: from 1579 to 1613 it was located inside the castle, and in 1892 it was rebuilt in the present location.

The Church of Saint Petronilla was built in the early 19th century and later restored, and is most striking for its imposing façade, consisting of a portal and a substantial central rosette, with two pairs of pilasters, the tympanum and two towers, one of them a clocktower.

Another interesting church can be found close to Trabia on the boundary with Termini Imerese. This country church is called "Our Lady of Trabia" and holds a picture by Pietro Novelli (1603-1647) representing "God requiring the angels to paint the Madonna".

You can conclude your tour of the churches of Trabia with the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, characterized by its façade featuring a triangular tympanum on Doric pilasters. Inside, the church has a single nave.

Local specialities

Trabia is especially famous for the "tria", or “macaroni” (the name derives from the Latin "maccare", or "dent") so be sure to try it when you visit.

See also Trabia history and etymology. Note: photo of Trabia is copyright.

Where is Trabia?

Trabiais is a small town on the coast of northern Sicily, a short distance west of Termini-Imerese and to the south-east of Palermo.

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