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Termoli is a popular tourist resort on the Adriatic coast which has long sandy beaches, historic fortifications and some incredible trabucci. It is very popular with Italian tourists in the summer months but, like the rest of Molise, relatively undiscovered by foreign tourists.

Explore Termoli

The pretty old town of Termoli sits on a natural promontory sticking in to the sea. On one side is a long sandy beach and on the other is Termoli's small port. The old town is surrounded by a wall which drops straight down to the sea and is dominated by its square castle which overlooks the sea and beach. Castello Svevo was built in the 11th century but largely rebuilt by Frederick II in the 13th century.

Beach at Termoli

From the castle enter the narrow winding streets of the borgo (old town) and when we say narrow we do mean narrow! Some of these measure 38-43cm wide and are amongst the narrowest in Europe, one such is Vico II Castello. The houses in the old towns have been renovated and painted in pretty pastel colours and are a pleasure to explore.

From the castle head for the Piazza Duomo and the pretty 12-13th century cathedral. It  is a fine example of Apulian Romanesque architecture and is built in a pale cream coloured stone. Inside are the relics of Termoli's two patron saints - Timothy and San Basso. Also inside is a floor mosaic which remains from the cathedral which previously stood on this spot but was destroyed by an earthquake.


As you explore the town there are plenty of trattorias and bars inviting you to pause and savour the friendly atmosphere. Seafood is obviously a favourite on the menu and especially 'bredette alla termolese' which is a traditional evening meal prepared for the fishermen. Locally produced olive oil is used in the preparation of many of the dishes on offer.

Termoli has a long stretch of golden beaches and is well know for the cleanliness of the beaches and the sea. Along the coast many water sports are available and the beaches have a good number of sites for volley ball, tennis and football. From the end of the promontory are some  of the charming and very photogenic trabucchi - traditional fishing platforms.

 termoli trabuccotermoli fishing

Ferries run several times a day to the nearby Tremiti Islands which are very beautiful and have some great beaches.

If you visit in the middle of August you might be lucky enough to see the "Incendio del castello" when a reenactment of the battle for the defeat of the castle is followed by fireworks from the castle.

Places to Visit Nearby

The Campomarino Lido a few kilometers south of Termoli is another popular seaside resort whilst inland the hill town of Larina has an unusual elliptical ampitheatre and a fine gothic cathedral.

Where is Termoli?

Termoli is on the Adriatic coast of Italy about 30km south of Vasto and 80km south of Pescara.

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