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Teramo has two main attractions - its cathedral and its Roman ampitheatre. The town is situated between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic Sea in an area full of olive groves and vineyards.

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The cathedral was built in the 12th century in Romanesque style and has a 14th century Gothic portal. It has an attractive 50m high bell tower. Recent excavations and renovations have led to the opening of the crypt for the first time in 300 years!

Just outside the cathedral is the attractive 'Shrine of Our Lady of Grace', a church which originated as a Benedictine monastery. It has a Romanesque cloister and a polychrome statue of the 'Virgin and Child' which is attributed to Silvestro Aquila.

Teramo centreA walk around the old town reveals more churches and cloisters and a number of interesting mansions and civil buildings.

Take a look at the Palace of Melatino and particularly its windows which have sculptured stone snakes with female heads coiling around the window columns. The Bishop's Palace, town hall, House Urbani, House Catenacci, Palazzo Salvini and Palazzo Delfico are all worth looking out for, as is the Art Nouvea Palazzo Castelli.

Roman remains in Teramo include the remains of a Roman theatre and a Roman ampitheatre. Originally built to accommodate 3000 people it is still used for some sporting and cultural events today.

Underneath Palazzo Salvini there is also the remains of a Roman domus (wealthy house) and a pavement dating from 1 BC with scenes of a fighting lion.

Not far from the historical centre of Teramo is perhaps one of its most interesting monuments - Monica castle. Sadly this wonderful gothic building appears to have been abandoned and it is not possible to visit it. Despite this it does merit the walk to look at its incredible facade with its arches, statues, stone balconies and decorative stonework. Perhaps if enough people visit someone will make the decision to renovate it!

Attractions Nearby

Millions of pilgrims visit the Shrine of Saint Gabriel at Isola every year. Isola del Gran Sasso is about half an hours drive away. The Gran Sasso mountain is the highest mountain in the Appenine mountains and the surrounding National Park is very beautiful.

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