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The town of Sorrento is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean, with a traditional fishing village called Marina Grande, and small beaches accessible from the town centre.

Explore Sorrento fishing village and beaches

Italy This Way review: Sorrento is not visited for its beaches, but you can find a string of small beaches and beach huts, as well as a traditional fishing village, both of which are interesting to visit when you are in the town, even if they are not the best beaches for sunbathing activities

Traditional fishing village in Sorrento

You can reach Marina Grande, which has existed in this location since Greek times, by following the Via Marina Grande, and then a cobbled pathway and stairs down to the harbour.

This is the most interesting route to follow because it is more or less the same as the original path followed from the 15th century onwards - it was the main route by which supplies reached the city centre from the sea.

As you approach Marina Grande you have a nice view across the harbour, from where the layout of the harbour and the town can clearly be seen.

Along the waterfront you have a row of tall and picturesque houses, as well as a small church. In the centre of Sorrento fishing village you will find a short sandy beach and several bars and restaurants. With the number of people and boats around you might not find it ideal for a quiet day sunbathing but it is a nice place to sit for a while and look at the boats.

If you are able to visit around July 26 each year, Marina Grande celebrates its patron saint, Saint Anne, with music and fireworks. We have not had the chance to be here for the festival yet (we prefer to visit Sorrento in spring or autumn) but hope we will be here for the festival one day, the pictures we have seen make it look like quite an event.

I think the fireworks take place the Monday following July 26 but check the exact date for the year of your visit before booking your trip, if you want to see the fireworks, since the date will be slightly different each year


The coast to the east of here is at the bottom of high cliffs, so involves quite a walk down a path to reach, and there is also a lift available (small charge payable) that will bring you to the coast from the park at Villa Comunale di Sorrento.

The beaches are probably unlike any you have seen before. There are small areas of sand at the bottom of the cliffs, and then various beach clubs that have a cafe and a lot of beach huts on piers that extend into the sea. It is quite an impressive sight even if you are not tempted to spend the day on the beach here.

You can walk along behind the beach clubs until you reach the port of Sorrento.

The port in Sorrento is the starting point for boat excursions to the surrounding islands such as Capri and Ischia. From the port you also have a pretty view up to the town at the top of the cliffs.

There is also a path and road between the port and beaches and Sorrento town centre from the port, along Via Luigi de Maio, but it seems longer and steeper than the path at the other end of the beaches, so it is not an easier option!

Beach huts on coast in Sorrento

Attractions nearby

The historic centre of Sorrento is very pleasant to explore, and Sorrento is well placed to explore the Amalfi coast with its famous beautiful villages, as well as islands such as Capri and Ischia and historic sites such as Pompeii, so you will not be short of nice places to visit - although beaches are hard to find in most of this region...

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Marina Grande and Sorrento beaches places to visit

Sorrento cloister San Francesco

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Sorrento cathedral

Sorrento cathedral

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Sorrento basilica

Sorrento basilica

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