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The basilica of Sant'Antonino is an important monument in the centre of Sorrento, a town on the coast of south-west Italy. The basilica is about 100 metres north of Piazza Tasso (the main square in the centre of Sorrento), on the corner of the Piazza Sant'Antonino.

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Italy This Way review: the basilica in Sorrento is interesting to visit, with an impressive marble nave, and an extensive collecton of rather eclectic objects

Facade of the basilica Sant'Antonino

The church has its origins in the 11th century, and an oratory stood in the same location from the 9th century, although most of what we see today has been modified during the following centuries.

You can see the facade of Sorrento basilica on the corner of the Piazza Sant'Antonino. The facade is in the roman style and simple in conception - you might not even realise it is a church unless you were looking for it! The facade was built in 1668 and decorated in the 18th century.

Inside, the church follows the traditional layout in the form of a Latin cross. The nave is largely baroque in style, carried out in the 17th century after the church passed to a group called the Theatine clerics, followers of the Catholic Reformation.

The principal nave is very elegant with thin marble columns supporting the arches that separate the main nave from the two lateral naves, and the upper walls and ceiling are all covered in paintings and decorations. The paintings along the sides of the nave represent miracles that were performed by Sant'Antonino.

At the end of the nave, the altar has a domed ceiling and paintings of Sant'Antonino and other saints.


From the lateral naves you can descend to the crypt of the basilica using one of the marble staircases. The altar in the crypt is also very decorated, with black and white marble columns, a statue of Sant'Antonino and some charming marble marquetry.

There are two small chapels in the crypt, and if you follow the passage that leads around and behind the altar in the crypt you can see a remarkable collection of silver objects as well a several paintings of the saints.

Each display unit here contains silverwork of different items such as representations of anatomy, faces, hearts etc. These are very numerous and interesting to see: I understand they are votive offerings, gifts to the church from the followers of the saint.

Note: many of the reviews on the internet that claim to be for Sorrento basilica are actually reviews of the Cathedral of Sorrento, so a visit can be a bit confusing. The two strutures are entirely separate!

Votive offerings in the vault of the basilica

Attractions nearby

You will also want to visit the Cathedral of Sorrento during your visit to the town, and you can also see the cloister of San Francesco in the town.

Sorrento itself is a charming town with a picturesque historic centre to explore, and well placed to explore the Amalfi coast.


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