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Nocera Terinese is a town in the Calabria region of southern Italy that is devoted to tourism, with an old Town full of interesting monuments. It is close to the very ancient town of Temesa, a site that can also be visited.

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You can start a tour of Nocera Terinese with the baroque style Church of Saint John. There is little historical information about this church; however, the dedicatory inscription indicates 1782. The church has an imposing stone portal and, inside, stucco and decorations. The decoration of the vault shows the "Beheading of G. Baptist", attributed to Francesco Colelli (1784-1820) who worked in several important churches in Lamezia Terme. The church interior has a Latin cross form with a nave ending with the apse, two chapels that open in the transept and six side chapels that open along the aisle.

In the decoration of the church there are some important frescos and a 17th century oil painting of the Virgin of the Rosary in the Chapel. The paintings above the side altars are the work of the local painter Vincenzo Cavalieri (1842-1918), while the three large paintings, which represent the most important episodes from the life of St. John the Baptist, are by the painter Francesco Nicastro Colella (a famous Calabrian painter of the 18th century.

Also historically important is the Church of Santa Maria, which according to tradition, was the first Christian church built in the village on the ruins of an ancient temple of Bacchus.

The Church of the S.S. Annunziata was originally a chapel in which stands a marble altar on which is placed a niche containing the wooden statue of the “Pieta”, dating back to the 17th century, a work of the Neapolitan school.

Various monasteries were built at Nocera Terinese in the Middle Ages, and among those that have survived we note the Monastery of Minor Conventual, with the Church of San Francesco, built in the late 15th century. The Church has traces of frescoes from the 16th century. The Monastery of the Capuchin is built on the highest part of Nocera Terinese, where a castle built in Norman times once stood.


Traditional ceremonies - the Vattienti

We should emphasize that Nocera Terinese is famous for its folklore and tradition. Very popular is the procession of flagellants [called Vattienti], who whip themselves until they bleed during the procession. This ancient medieval custom is related to fertility rites, because, according to some scholars, "blood and water are interchangeable".

The rite of Nocera is explained according to symbolic values - as the area has a long tradition of wine "It is as if, by the shedding of blood, it would turn into rain, making possible a rich harvest and assure an abundant production wine" (See V. Teti, “Storia dell'acqua: mondi materiali e universi simbolici”, Donzelli, 2003, p. 194).

In fact, wine, sausages, honey, and vegetables of all kinds are the typical products grown in Nocera Terinese, the ancient Temesa.

Attractions nearby

Also of course, not to be missed is a visit to the Archaeological Park of Temesa to visit one of the oldest sites of human history, visited by Ulysses and sung of by Homer, the "Poet par excellence" ...

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