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Mont Blanc  - or Monte Bianco in Italian - stands on the French-Italian border between Courmayeur and the Val d'Aosta (Italy) and Chamonix (France) and is the tallest mountain in the Alps at 4,810 metres high.

As a casual visitor you are more likely to enjoy the beauty of Mont Blanc from Courmayeur or Chamonix or the surrounding trails than from the summit! Visible from miles around, the mountain dominates its surroundings.

The highest point that a non-equipped visitor can easily reach is by following the cable cars from Courmayeur to Chamonix and enjoying the fantastic views en-route. One of the most dramatic is from the cable car station on the Aiguille du Midi (French side).

Despite the challenges several thousand tourists with mountain experience do reach the summit each year - for those familiar with mountain terrain the ascent is not a difficult one (although alternative, harder routes are also possible).


It takes two or three days to reach the summit of Mont Blanc on the most common routes.

But don't be misled - many people are injured or rescued from Mont Blanc each year, more than 100 people die on the mountain each year, and it is not a trivial undertaking to reach the summit!

There are numerous attractive valleys and passes to explore in the region - ideally on foot! One of the most popular walks runs from La Thuile up to Testa d'Arpy and some more great views.

It is also possible to arrange guided tour visits that pass 10 - 15 days walking around the circumference of Mont Blanc and through the valleys that surround it.

Scenery of the Mont Blanc Massif

The region - both Italian and French - is of course famous for skiing in the winter, and makes a great place for walking and mountain-biking in the summer. the opportunities for leisure pursuits are almost unlimited at all times of year.

Far below you as you explore is one of the most important transport routes through the Alps - the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

Note: main photo shows a view of the south side of Mont Blanc reflected in a small Alpine lake, Val Veny, Italy, inset photo shows the dramatic scenery of the Mont Blanc Massif

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