Visit Loreto Aprutino, Italy, famous for its world-class olive oil

Photo of Loreto Aprutino (Abruzzo region)

Visit Loreto Aprutino

Loreto-Aprutino along with Moscufo and Pianella forms the so-called 'golden triangle of olive oil'. Be sure to stop here to sample the top-quality olive oil, visit the olive oil museum and buy some of the famous Abruzzo DOP (protected designation of origin) olive oil from a local producer.

Explore Loreto-Aprutino

The Abruzzo region is considered to be the most prestigious olive oil producer in Italy with Loreto-Aprutino, Moscufo and Pianella at the pinnacle of this renowned production. If you get the chance go to one of the producers in the area and if you can try and sample one of the oils within days of it being pressed. You will be amazed by the intensity of colour and flavour.

To learn more about the traditions of olive oil production, which in this area date back to the 4th century BC, visit the olive oil museum. This happens to be housed in one of the most interesting buildings in Loreto-Aprutino - a lovely stone Gothic building with a hexagonol tower at one end. The building was a former olive oil mill and was built in the 19th century. Its owner was something of a pioneer in the methods of quality olive oil production including the need to press the olives straight away after harvest.In the museum you can see the olive presses and mill stones that were used in the oil production and learn about traditional methods of production.

Loreto Aprutino

The town is built on a hill side with its castle and the chuch of San Pietro at the top of the hill. From here you get lovely views over the golden stones houses with pale terracotta roofs below and the beautiful surrounding countryside, much of which is covered in ancient olive trees. Narrow streets wind down hill through the town and ambling round is a real pleasure. Stop at Piazza Garibaldi and enjoy refreshment at one of the bars and soak in the peaceful atmosphere of the town.

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