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Lodi is a substantial town that originally developed 2000 years ago as an important town on the Roman transport routes in the region. It is now an attractive medieval town to explore with a great deal of character.

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The centre of Lodi, and your starting place for a visit, is the large Victory Square (Piazza della Vittoria).

Around this square, which gives a very attractive centre to the town and is also the highlight of your visit, you can see the 12th century cathedral, the principal monument in the town, and a good number of other interesting historical buildings.

Colourful houses in cathedral square

Many of the buildings around the square have retained their traditional medieval arcades at street level.

Lodi cathedral

Built between 1158 and 1284 the cathedral spans various architectural styles with a roman style facade, a gothic style porch and a renaissance period rose window. The belltower was added later, in the 16th century.

Particularly noteworthy inside the cathedral are the 15th century sculpture depicting the 'Lamentation for the Dead Christ' and the altarpiece.

The building to the left of the cathedral is called the Palazzo Broletto. It has stood here since the 13th century, although substantial modifications have been carried out in recent centuries. You can also see the small pedestrianised square called Piazza Broletto with its marble fountain.


In the streets around the cathedral Lodi has a very pretty medieval old town, with attractive well-loved gardens and pastel coloured houses, and several other notable historic monuments. These include various interesting 'palaces' such as the 15th century Palazzo Mozzanica, the 18th century Palace Modignani where Napoleon once stayed and the 14th century palace Vistarini with its arcaded brick facade.

Another important religious monument in Lodi (just off the main square) is the Temple of the Incoronata, a renaissance period building that is above all visited for its opulently decorated interior - don't miss the very beautiful paintings in the church dome.

The Church of San Francesco in Lodi

There are several other churches of note that you will discover as you explore Lodi, including:

  • the (unfinished) 13th century Church of Saint Francis, in red-brick and on Piazza Hospitale;
  • the rococo style Church of San Filippo Neri;
  • the baroque style Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.
  • the Chuch of San Lorenzo, overlooking a picturesque little piazza.

Historical note: it was at Lodi that Napoleon won his first major battle - not surprising called the battle of Lodi

Where is Lodi?

Lodi is situated in the Lombardy region of northern France about 35 kilometres south-east of Milan.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Lombardy guide.

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