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Towards the northern end of Lake Garda, the resort of Limone sul Garda is best known for its historical association with the lemon and citrus industry, although tourism is certainly the main industry here nowadays.

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Italy This Way review: it is true that villages such as Garda have a prettier promenade than Limone, and villages such as Malcesine have a more attractive historic centre, but Limone sul Garda is charming and if you are spending a few days at Lake Garda a visit should be among your priorities

There are two main car parks in Limone, both to the west of the town centre: one is on the lakefront and the other is further up the hill. Starting from either of these car parks the town is simple to explore...start with a walk along the long promenade that follows the front of the lake towards the town centre.

Lakefront in Limone sul Garda centre

There are various small shops and cafes along the promenade, which is pedestrianised and has palm trees providing shade while mountains rise in front of you behind the town. At the end of the promenade you reach the small tourist information centre for Limone sul Garda, once the Town Hall for the town and the start of a recommended route to follow through the historic centre.

Before walking up the hill, follow the path along the lake shore a little further. You quickly reach a pleasant square with a fountain, and a short distance beyond this square - and rather hidden away - there is a tiny but extremely beautiful small harbour with a few boats and surounded by colourful houses covered by colourful flowers.

You could almost miss the harbour if you didn't know it was here but it is certainly one of the most beautiful on Lake Garda! There is a small cafe with two or three tables on one corner of the harbour: the perfect place for your coffee break!

You can now walk up the hill to explore the historic centre of Limone sul Garda, which is a labyrinth of narrow paths and stairs. One monument here is a tiny chapel that is quite plain on the outside, but has a beautifully painted and frescoed interior.


Further up the hill you reach the Lemon House called Del Castel. This is a lemon house from the 18th century now open to the public (2 euros entrance) and restored to explain the citron industry that was so important to the history of the town until the end of the 19th century.

Elsewhere in the centre of Limone sul Garda you can see the main church of the town, with a clocktower that dominates the view of the town and a baroque altar inside. The road called Via Capatelli has figurines of the saints in the street.

Further west (beyond the car park) there is a Fishing Museum, and on the northern edge of the village there is an Olive Oil exhibition, based in the oil mill that produces one of the most prestigious olive oils in the region.

View of Limone from road around Lake Garda

Attractions nearby

In the hills behind the town there are numerous walks and mountain bike trails, typically through beautiful countryside and with beautiful views across the roofs of Limone sul Garda as well as views along Lake Garda. They also typically involve quite a lot of walking up hill!

One very common excursion from Limone sul Garda is to take a boat across the lake to visit the lovely village and castle at Malcesine, and the larger resort of Riva del Garda is just a few kilometres along the lake to the north of here.

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