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Lampione is the smallest of the Pelagian islands, situated far off the southern coast of Sicily and closer to Africa than Italy. The ismand is uninhabited, and the only building on the island is a lighthouse.

The climate around the island is of an African nature, very similar to that of Linosa and Lampedusa.

The lighthouse is the only building on LampioneToday the island of Lampione belongs to the "Reserve of the Pelagian Islands", and the flora and fauna are protected. Within this protected area visitors who love nature and scuba diving will find an area of great interest.

One might even say that Lampione is "primarily" a destination for privileged divers...

The island area is frequented by a rich diversity of species of seabirds, such as herring gulls, sea hawks and cormorants. The deep waters around Lampione are rich in algae, sponges, corals, shellfish and a wide variety of fish.

Although the Pelagian Islands are not a major international tourist destination, in summertime the “Rock of the Pupils” can become quite crowded with boats and motorboats.

There are many diving clubs which plan underwater divings for novice and experienced divers, as well as for scuba photographers, to whom a very impressive seabed appears.


Lampione Scuba diving

The ocean floor around the small island extends to 60 meters depth, but it is advisable to snorkel within a depth of about 15 metres, where it is possible to see and photograph large groupers hiding under the underwater rocks.

We should perhaps stress the fact that the waters around Lampione are rich in shellfish and lobsters, but also in dangerous sharks, among which the grey sharks are the most common.

The depths of the sea here also contain some small coral reefs with a truly outstanding variety of corals.

Cliffs to the west of lampione islandThe preferred destination of scuba divers who visit Lampedusa is the rock of Lampione.

To get here visitors must first navigate to reach the island from “Capo Ponente” ["Western Cape"] about 11 miles to the west. From the port it is about an hour and a half of sailing, with the sea crossing a pleasure due to the presence of dolphins and turtles.

The moorage in Lampione is located in the south-east, which is where the scuba diving normally starts, on a rocky depth rich in sea urchins and starfishes in water with a maximum depth of 20 meters.

The descent, however, involves great care, because the wall falls quickly beyond 40 meters, where there is a landscape characterized by large sponges, moray eels, flute, and walls covered with stony corals.

Most experts can go beyond 40 meters, typically up to 60 metres, but with the possibility of meeting gray sharks - remember to treat these if really necessary with the greatest respect, avoiding very carefully to treat them with “familiarity".

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