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Geraci-Siculo is an attractive hill-top village in the Natural Park of Madonie in the north of Sicily. It is situated at over 1000 meters above sea level about 70km south-east of Palermo and 45km south of Cefalu.

Explore Geraci Siculo

Geraci Siculo sits high on a hill surrounded by the valleys and hills of the Natural Park of Madonie. The combination of its beautiful views and the quiet streets that seem like a step back in time makes Geraci Siculo worthy of a visit.

Walking through its narrow streets you can imagine that life has barely changed here for centuries and you are getting a view of rural Sicily as it was lived in days gone by.


Geraci-Siculo dates back to the Greek period and still has some structures from as early as the 7th century AD.  The village then grew in the 9th century whilst under Arab rule and this can be seen in the narrow winding streets and flights of stone steps to navigate the village, and the ruins of a castle, the Castle of Ventimiglia at the top of the village.

The castle was transformed by the Normans. Its ruins and the adjacent church of Saint Anna can still be seen.


Below the castle the main square is the Piazza del Popolo and around here you will find a few shops and restaurants.  There are quite a number of churches with the lovely tiled steeple of Santo Stefano standing out amongst them. The Saint Giacomo church contains Byzantine frescoes and a 14th century crucifix.

Another feature of the town is the Bevio or drinking fountain. This elaborate stone structure has two stone fountains topped by pyramids decorated with coats of arms. The water flows to a central basin and can be collected and drunk. You will see locals coming to get their supplies.


The water comes from deep in the limestone rock and is very pure with a low ionic content and there is a bottling plant and the water can be found in shops and restaurants in the wider area. Look out for the label Acqua Geraci as you continue your travels around Sicily.

The local ricotta cheese and olives are also worth sampling whilst you are here.

Places to visit nearby

Geraci-Siculo is one of eighteen 'most beautiful villages / towns of Italy' that can be found in Sicily. Nearby Cefalu on the coast is another and has great beaches and a lovely old centre.

Polizzi Generosa is another village in the Natural Park of Madonie and has a number of famous people who were born here including Domenico Dolce of Dolce and Gabanna and the grandparent of film director Martin Scorsese.

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