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The Italian town of Finale Ligure is a resort on the western Ligurian coast, with the added advantage that the town itself is also lively and interesting. It is halfway along the Riviera di Ponente, between Albenga and Savona.

Exploring Finale Ligure

The centre of day time activity in Finale Ligure is of course the beach and the promenade that follows much of its course in the Finale Marina district. The beach, of sand and shingle, is long and in a nice setting due to the cliffs at the end of the beach, the multiple rows of palm trees along the broad promenade behind the beach, and hills rising immediately behind the town.

Promenade next to the beach in Finale Ligure

Like many Italian beaches, the one in Finale Ligure is mostly covered by parasols and deckchairs for which you need to pay. The main free section of beach is at the eastern end of the beach (Sovana direction).

The fairground and numerous open air restaurants here and along the promenade also contribute to a lively atmosphere which continues late into the evening, as do the shopping streets immediately behind the seafront leading to Via Roma.

When you explore away from the seafront you will discover that Finale Ligure also has a pleasant old town with a great deal of character and various interesting buildings, centred around two adjoining squares: the Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, both of them vibrant squares with plenty of shops and cafes.

The most imposing historic monument in Finale Ligure is the impressive baroque church in the old town. After admiring the painted facade, go inside the church to discover the beautifully decorated interior, with pairs of marble columns along the nave leading to the transept with a beautiful painted ceiling and dome: quite a remarkable church for a modest seaside resort!


Various other noteworthy monuments such as a 'Triumphal Arch', a medieval gateway, an attractively frescoed archway are perhaps not individually very exciting but add to the overall character of Finale Ligure.

A 30 minute stroll inland from the town centre of Finale Ligure takes you to Finalborgo, the oldest part of the town with its medieval defensive walls and town layout of narrow alleys and is very pleasant to explore, having retained much of its ancient character: see Finalborgo guide.

Slightly less visited is the Finale Pia area on the other side of the river, a more recent part of the town centred around a small church with ancient origins (although rebuilt in the 18th century) which also has its own beach.

Note: Finale Ligure is also well known as a centre for outdoor activities, including an annual 24 hour Mountain Bike race and rock-climbing on the cliffs behind the town.

Baroque church in Finale Ligure

Attractions nearby

One of the most highly regarded beaches on the Ligurian coast is at Varigotti and the Saracen Bay which is close to Finale Ligure (half way to Noli) and in a setting surrounded by forested hills and award winning clear waters.

If you enjoy exploring traditional medieval villages you should also visit Noli, a few kilometres along the coast from Finale Ligure, and the village on the hill at Borgio Verezzi.

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Finale Ligure places to visit



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