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Feltre is a town situated on the southern edge of the Italian dolomites, 20 kilometres south of Belluno and to the north-east of Conegliano.

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Arcaded palace in PiazzamaggioreYour tour of Feltre starts at the Porta Imperiale (Imperial Gate) which was destroyed and then rebuilt in the 16th century and through which you enter the citadel.

From this gate continue along Via Mezzaterra to see some palaces of considerable architectural and visual interest that date back to the 16th century.

In particular see Casa Crico, beautifully frescoed with episodes based on Bible stories by Lorenzo Luzzo (Feltre, 1480 c.-1527). Other important palaces here include the Palazzo Bellati, Casa Cantoni, and Palazzo Maffoni.

Continuing towards Via Paradiso you reach the Palazzo Arcivescovile (Episcopal Palace), home to the Vescovi-Conti lords-bishops of the city between the 14th and 15th century.

More recent but also interesting here in Feltre is a visit to the Galleria Rizzarda which contains artefacts of artistic value from the 19th century, including sculptures and works in wrought iron. The Gallery also contains some paintings by some well known 20th century Italian and foreign painters such as Giovanni Fattori, Telemaco Signorini, Carlo Carrà and Eugéne Bodin.

Town centre in the winterContinuing your tour you reach Piazza Maggiore, a lovely square which is the heart of Feltrea and where you can see the Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo della Ragione, with a magnificent arcade by Palladio.

The fountains in this square are also artistically interesting - they date from 1488 and were erected by Tullio Lombardo.

Other highlights in Piazza Maggiore include the 16th century Church of San Rocco, which contains the statue of Panfilo Castaldi and Bernardino da Feltre.

Next, moving towards Piazzetta della Legna, you pass more important buildings such as the Palace of the Monte di Pietà (now the Civic Library) and the Castle with its interesting Clock Tower.

In the Via Lorenzo Luzzo, among the many palaces, the highlight is the Palazzo Villabruna, now the Town Museum.

A visit to the Feltre Civic Museum is recommended because of the works of art it contains. On the 2nd floor of the Palace in the picture gallery the paintings of importance include works by Cima da Conegliano, 'The portrait of the Prelate' by Bellini, 'The Flagellation' by Luigi Miradori (known as the Genovesino) and 'The Assunta' by Paolo dal Pozzo.


Leaving the the historical citadel of feltre through the Porta Oria (the second Gate of the Citadel), there are more monuments of artistic value such as the 9th century cathedral, rebuilt in the 16th century after a fire in 1509 caused by the imperial troops of Maximilian I of Austria, and the 15th century baptistry.

Inside Feltre Cathedral you can see important works of art by Domenico Tintorett, Pietro Marescalchi (known as the Spada) and Agostino Ridolfi, and an altarpiece by Antonio Lazzarini.

Places to visit near Feltre

One local highlight is a trip to Borgo Ruga where you can visit the Chiesa di Ognissanti (Church of All Saints), with a belltower in the romanesque style.

Tower in the old townFeltre restaurants and cuisine

In and near Feltre there are many restaurants serving the delicious regional cuisine which includes, in particular, fried Schiz cheese, a popular local speciality.

The local cuisine of 'malga' (named after a rustic home built in wood and stone) includes a menu of sausage, beef and also Tosella cheese, a locally produced cheese traditionally eaten by cattle herdsmen on the dolomites.

Wines of the area of course include Prosecco, and if you want to finish your lunch with a good sweet, we suggest trying the cake called polentina.

Note: you can taste many of the local products during the period of the Fair of St. Matthew in Feltre which takes place during the first 10 days of November, when there is also free entry to the Civic Museums.

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