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The Conero peninsula is on the coast to the south-east of Ancona, in the Le Marche region of Italy.

The region here is sometimes referred to as the Conero Riviera, and consists of attractive coastline and beaches on the Adriatic Sea set around the Natural Park of Mount Conero and the mountain itself as well as beaches and resorts. Not surprisingly given the beaches, scenery and resorts it can be rather busy in summer!

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The scenery along this part of the coastline is different from the rolling landscapes found elsewhere in the Italian marches, with steep cliffs descending into the sea, jagged rocks and pretty coves backed by some very attractive scenery.

This is among the most interesting stretches of the Adriatic coast in Italy, with many regions having beaches but lacking the cliffs and coves found in Conero.

Picturesque Conero peninsula

Beaches and resorts

There are several popular beach resorts on the Conero Riviera, the best known being those at Sirolo, Numana, Marcelli (with a very long beach that stretches over several kilometres) and Portonovo. Sirolo also has an attractive traditional village centre and coastal views.

Just outside the southern end of the peninsula, Porto Recanati and Scossicci also have long broad shingle beaches, with Porto Recanato in particular having a wide range of hotels and 'seaside' accommodations and activities.

Each of these towns has its own traditional centre to explore, but be aware that these resorts can become very busy in summer - hardly surprising given the impressive location and setting that the beaches occupy, and their easy access from Ancona.


Special mention goes to the beach at Due Sorelle with the rock formations in the sea adding to the scenic backdrop - although this cove can only be reached by boat.

Slightly easier to reach, when at Portonovo be sure to visit the lovely beach at Mezzavalle (a couple of kilometres west of the town).

Bolignano fortress

Historic monuments and villages

Although sea and scenery are the main attractions there are several historical monuments of interest in Conero, and archaeological sites.

Among our favourites are the lovely setting next to the sea for the Church of Santa Maria di Portonovo, the 18th century watchtower in Portonovo, and the fortress built for Napoleon in the early 19th century.

There is a small cathedral in Osimo, and the sanctuary at Loreto to the south is also recommended.

Castles and churches can also be seen in several of the small towns and villages in the hills such as Agugliano, the quaint village of Offagna, the historic 'circular' town of Camerata Picena and the hill town of Ostra Vetere, among others.

Conero peninsula - outdoors in Monte Conero Natural Parc

Much of the region falls within the Parco Naturale del Monte Conero which is a very popular and scenic destination with hikers and birdwatchers.

A popular way to explore and enjoy the coast around Monte Conero is by following the coast road, with many highlights and scenic viewpoints as well as access to a good number of  beaches.

Coast cliffs in Monte Conero natural park

Boat trips along the Conero coast are popular and easily arranged in any of the resorts - the view of the cliffs of Monte Conero plunging towards the sea is very picturesque when seen from the sea. Boat trips out to the nearby islands are also very popular.

It is also recommended to allow time for a hike in the countryside around Monte Conero - there are numerous marked trails available which are a good introduction to the wide range of plants found here.

The diversity is due both to the change in altitude (Mount Conero reaches 572 metres above sea level) and because the environment combines the diverse natural environments found in Italy to the north and south of Conero.

The main park visitor center is a good place to start and is found on Via Peschiera in Sirolo.

Other information

The region around the Conero peninsula produces a good number of wines, with Rosso del Conero the best known among them. Try it while you are here because I don't recall seeing it for sale anywhere else!

You can find more local travel ideas in and the Marche guide.

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