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The town of Chioggia is located in the Po River Delta, close to Padua and about 25 kilometres by boat from Venice.

Located on two islands about 900 metres long and 200 metres wide, separated by the so-called 'Channel Vena', Chioggia retains its traditional role as a fishing and port city, with tourism now also an important part of the local economy.

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A visit to Chioggia will usually start from the north of the town where tourists arrive on the public boats.

On arriving you will enter the town at the arcaded Piazzetta Vigo with the Vigo Bridge and its characteristic steps, and, in the centre of the square, a high column with the Lion of Saint Mark (late 18th century).

Canal and houses along canal

Continuing, you find the Church of Saint Andrew and its 12th century belltower, and then the neoclassical style Palazzo Comunalere built in the mid-19th century.

Not far from here is the 14th century Palace of the Granaio Pubblico (Public Barn), a neo-gothic style building which is very beautiful with windows with pointed arches. Behind the palace is the fish market, a Chioggia landmark, where you can find fresh fish of various species (sole, sea bass, sea breams and scallops).

The next square, the Piazzetta XX September, is also attractive with the Church of the Philippines (second half of the 18th century), which houses 17th and 18th century paintings by Paolo Pellesina, Antonio Vianello and Giacomo Casa.


Also to see is the Holy Trinity Church, rebuilt in the early 18th century and with important paintings by Palma il Giovane and Andrea Vicentino. Finally you reach the 16th century 'Loggia dei Bardi', from where the laws of the city were read aloud to the public (form the word 'Bard', or 'public poet').

Continuing through the quarter of Chioggia called Perettolo you can visit the 14th century Church of San Martino which contains a very beautiful work by Paolo Veneziano.

On your right and worthy of note is the 11th century Chioggia Cathedral, rebuilt by Baldassarre Longhena in the second half of the 17th century. Inside the cathedral, you can admire some paintings by Giambattista Tiepolo and Alessandro Tremignon.


Also here you can see the Palazzo Grassi, built in the 18th century by Andrea Tirali, and near the Cathedral is a tall romanesque style bell tower.

Continuing towards the south you find the 13th century Church of Saint Dominic which includes a 16th century painting by Vittore Carpaccio; a Crucifix attributed to Jacopo Comin (aka Tintoretto); 'Deposition' by Leandro Bassano; and 'Prayer in the Garden' by Alvise Benfatto (aka Dal Friso).

Moving on you can admire the view of the boats of Chioggia. Towards the end of the Canal Vena in Campo Marconi is the Civic Museum on the South Lagoon, which contains archaeological finds dating from the Roman and Renaissance ages.

Another important museum is found in the Bishop's Palace, which contains works by Palma il Vecchio (1480-1528) and Cima da Conegliano (1459 c.-1518 c.).


Places to visit near Chioggia

Chioggia is one of the most famous seaside resorts overlooking the Adriatic Sea, with a beach about ten kilometres long. Nature lovers can also make pleasant excursions among channels, marshes, woods and nature reserves in the surrounding region.

In Chioggia, fishing town par excellence, the fish market is always active and local dishes are for gourmets. A very wide range of local specialities based on seafood are available, including the 'granseole' (crab meat with olive oil, lemon and spices); 'bigoli in salsa' (spaghetti with garlic sauce, oil, onion, parsley and anchovy fillets); 'gnocchi with onions'; clams and 'radicchio' (chicory) of Chioggia; and the so-called 'black cuttlefish' (squid cut and boiled in a sauté onion, garlic, white wine and tomatoes).

The famous 'Festival of salt-water fish" takes place in Chioggia during the first ten days of July, where among other local products you can drink a few glasses of Merlot and Cabernet, Prosecco, Soave...

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