Avio castle, Italy: visit the castles of the valley of the Adige River

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You are likely to visit Avio Castle and the Adige river as an excursion during a visit to Lake Garda.

The strategic importance of the Adige River, the second longest river in Italy, dates back to before the ancient Romans and extends through to medieval times. The river flows from the central Alps, continues south until Lake Garda, then continues east towards Venice.

Because of this strategic importance there are numerous castles along the central part of the valley of the Adige River to the east of Lake Garda, dating from the time when the valley played an important defensive role and was also an important transit route.

Explore Avio castle: tourism and travel guide

Many of the castles along the Adige valley are hard to access, but Avio Castle (also known as 'Castello di Avio' or 'Castello di Sabbionara') is accessible, open to the public, and has good views over the surrounding countryside and down the valley of the Val Lagarina.

Avio castle dates from the 11th century and stands imposingly in an attractive location in a wooded valley - indeed, the setting is a large part of the special apppeal of Castello di Avio.

There are three series of sturdy fortified walls around the castle that enclose an open courtyard-garden area running up the hill, five towers, a dominant tall round keep, and a small baronial palace squeezed within the walls.

Your children will be interested to know that Torre Della Picadora was where public hangings took place!

Inside the castle keep, the Chamber of Love includes some high quality medieval frescoes.

There are also some notable 13th century frescoes of historic military victories to be seen in the guardhouse, which is a ittle separate from the rest of the castle - these are as impressive as Avio castle itself and not to be missed on a visit.

Fresco showing military victories in the castello di Avio

Where is Avio Castle?

Avio castle is found to the south of the Trentino-Alto Adige region and a short distance east of Lake Garda.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Trentino-Alto Adige guide.

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