Casentino, Italy - the valley and its artistic heritage

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The Casentino area of Tuscany to the east of Florence is a very pleasant region of countryside scattered with monasteries and castles. This quiet region, largely undiscovered and neglected by visitors to Tuscany, also has an interesting history - see history of Casentino.

The Casentino is the name given to the river basin of the upper Arno and it is within the province of Arezzo - the Casentino is one of the inland basins that characterise Tuscany and Umbria. Woodlands and rolling hills are everywhere, interspersed with high-yield crops such as vines and fruit trees, and white spruce and black pines.

Most people travelling to Italy in search of the ancient monuments and artworks in the towns and villages do not have time to stray from the popular tourist routes, so there are often places that are very interesting but have very few visitors. This is particularly the case with the Casentino region which has to compete with the many famous attractions of Tuscany!

Apart from the general attractions of the countryside we particularly suggest you visit the following as part of your trip to the Casentino region:


Poppi, visited for the castle and medieval frescoes

See Poppi for details


The clusters of village and historic monuments around castel San Niccolo

See Cetica guide and Castel San Niccolo guide


The Holy Hermitage and Monastery of Camaldoli

See Camaldoli guide for details


The town of Pelago, with the castle of Pelago and the interesting Museum of the Parish Church of San Clemente

See Pelago guide for details


The district around Capolona, well known for its romanesque frescoed parish churches

See Capolona guide for details


Montemignaio, in particular for the castle ruins and village church

See Montemignaio guide for details


Pratovecchio and the Castle of Romena

See Pratovecchio guide for details


Raggiolo, with its historic church and Eco-museum

See Raggiolo guide for details


Bibbiena, with ancient churches and a mountainous landscape

See Bibbiena guide for details

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