Borgio Verezzi, Italy is a medieval village and also seaside resort in Liguria

Photo of Borgio Verezzi (Liguria region)

Visit Borgio Verezzi

Borgio Verezzi is a town on the coast of western Liguria which falls in two distinct areas: the beach resort along the Riviera di Ponente called Borgio and the medieval village on the hill behind in Verezzi.

Note that it is a visit to old Verezzi that we are recommending here, we are rather less enthusiastic about the beach and seafront area when compared with some places along this section of Ligurian coast.

Exploring Borgio Verezzi

It is on the hill in old Verezzi where you will find the interesting historic monuments as well as lovely views across Borgio and the Riviera di Ponente. The centre of Verezzi is Piazzetta Sant'Agostino, surrounded by ancient buildings and from where you can enjoy the views and also see the traditional stone arcades.

There are actually four separate villages that make up Verezzi: Crosa, Piazza, Poggio, and Roccaro. It is Poggio that is the main tourist centre and also the main reason that Borgio Verezzi is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Explore the streets and alleys around the centre of the medieval village, there are also a few small churches in Verezzi such as the 14th century Church of Sant'Agostino on the main square and the 17th century Church of San Martino along a path just outside the town and containing various 16th-18th century paintings and sculptures.

view from arches across cobbled alleyway in Borgio Verezzi

Back down in Borgio it will be the long sand and shingle beach and the coast that attracts your attention, although you should be aware that most of the beach is paid entrance (i.e. you have to hire a parasol and beach chairs if you want to use the beach, like the majority of beaches in Italy) and there is quite a busy road next to the beach.

In Borgio town you can also see the 18th century Church of San Pietro, in neoclassical style, and the medieval Shrine of Our Lady of Good Counsel in the cemetery.

Grotte di Borgio Verezzi

On the outskirts of Borgio Verezzi you can visit a popular cave system called the Borgio Verezzi Caves (in Italian the Valdemino or Grotte di Borgio Verezzi). The system is well known for its colourful caves and rock formations - when you visit you will see that they claim to be the most brightly coloured caves in Italy. The subterranean route open to the public is about 800 metres long and also includes some natural water features.

To visit nearby

If you enjoy visiting caves you will also want to visit the very impressive caves at nearby Toirano - and the medieval village of Toirano as well while you are here.

Just a few kilometres along the coast to the east of Borgio Verezzi you can visit the resort of Finale Ligure and the medieval village of Finalborgo, or head to the west to the resort of Pietra Ligure.

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