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Asciano is a small Tuscan town about 25 kilometres to the south-east of Siena and in the Ombrone River valley. You are likely to come across the town as you explore the Crete Senesi region of southern Tuscany.

Explore Asciano

Although Asciano is only a small town it is worth stopping for a look to see the medieval centre as you explore the unusual landscapes of the Crete Senesi region.

The principal attraction is the collegial church of Saint Agatha. This church dates in part from the 12th century and is in the roman style of architecture. Although some parts have been modified since you can still clearly see much of the original church.

Narrow street in centre of Asciano

The facade is very simple with a row of blind arches and the bell-tower, added in the 13th century, is typical of those in the region. Inside the church you can see the inside of the large octagonal dome and also two lovely frescoes

Next to the church in the oratory there is a small "Museum of Sacred Art (Museum Cassioli)" containing a small collection of paintings by local Sienese artists, while more notable nearby is the small "Archaeology Museum (Corboli Museum)" with several artefacts found in local Etruscan tombs and interesting art works.

After exploring this history take the time to stroll around the streets of the old town in Asciano, with a mix of houses - some built in the small bricks of the region, others in stone. It is very much a traditional town - pleasant to explore if unexciting, not very frequented by tourists, and a bit 'rough round the edges' in places...


You will also see parts of its original medieval defensive walls as built in the 14th century and the 13th century Church of Saint Augustine, with a brick facade and some medieval artworks inside. You can also enjoy an ice-cream while you explore or take a pause in one of the small cafes!

Curious fact: in recent years the fossils of dolphins have been discovered near Asciano - apparently until about 3 million years ago the valleys around the town were connected to the sea!

Attractions nearby

Most visitors to Asciano will also want to visit the Monte Oliveto Maggiore monastery, a bendictine mosastery about 10 kilometres south of the town with some famous frescoes in the cloisters (follow the SP451 south-east towards Buonovento (also a pretty village to visit) and follow the signs to reach Monte Oliveto Maggiore).

Of course the highlight here is the chance to simply enjoy the unusual landscapes of the Crete Senesi region!

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