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Amalfi cathedral is the most important monument in the town of Amalfi, on the Amalfi coast of southern Italy. It is easy to find in the town, being situated on the main square in the town.

The cathedral has medieval origins, but has been renovated and transformed many times over the last ten centuries and the cathedral you see today includes elements form many different periods: Arab-Norman styles and Spanish and Italian influences are all apparent.

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Italy This Way review: with a beautiful and ornate facade, a very pretty interior and several articles of historic interest a visit to the cathedral is an important part of your visit to Amalfi.

A church was originally founded here in the 6th century, then enlarged in the 10th century and combined with the adjacent Basilica of the Crucifix. The oldest part of the building is within the first chapel on the left as you enter the cathedral.

In the 13th century the Paradise cloister was added and a substantial reconstruction of the original church took place. In the 18th century the church was largely redecorated in the baroque style.

Baroque ceiling in Amalfi cathedral

Before climbing the staircase, take a minute to appreciate the ensemble, with the beautiful facade of the cathedral decorated with columns and statues overlooked by a painting of Christ, and the belltower with its decorated roof of marble and majolica to the left of the facade.

The belltower was built in front of the early church in the 12th century. The facade incorporates elements in Arab, Norman and Byzantine styles but was only completed in the 19th century - 19th century paintings of the cathedral show the baroque facade that was here before this time.

A long flight of stone stairs takes you to the cathedral entrance from the main square - as you approach, this imposing staircase makes the cathedral appear very impressive.

At the top of the stairs you are in a sheltered entrance area. This is one of the highlights of Amalfi cathedral, with numerous arches constructed of two types of stone to create stripes in the masonry work of an Arab style, and carved capital stones.

Note: there is a small entrance fee to enter the cathedral but the visit is good value for money.

The main doors that enter the cathedral are an artistic masterpiece, made of bronze in the 11th century and featuring relief figures of saints.


As you enter the main cathedral, you have a very impressive view along the nave, lined with square columns that have been decorated, and the ceiling with its ornate carved decorations, to the altar beyond. The nave was substantially redecorated in the baroque style in the 18th century.

At the end of the nave, the altar is constructed around a 12th century sarcophagus of Peter of Capua, beneath a large painting, and with marble columns to either side that support a decorated ceiling and a domed ceiling, also decorated in the baroque style.

One of our favourite small highlights in the cathedral in Amalfi is the Chapel of Salvatore, which has retained frescoes from the 13th century (although these are in rather pooor condition).

Other highlights within Amalfi cathedral include the cloister, the crypt, the Diocesan museum, and the relics of Saint Andrew.

The Diocesan Museum includes several historical treasures from the cathedral and is in the part of the church that was originally the Basilica of the Crucifix.

13th century murals in the Chapel of Salvatore

Note: if possible, try to see the facade of the cathedral during the evening, when it is lit up, as it is very attractive and appears quite different to the facade seen during the day.

Attractions nearby

The Amalfi coast in this part of south-west Italy, to the west of Sorrento, is considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world, with very lovely scenery and some pretty villages and villas to explore.

If tou have limited time here, try and find time to at least follow the coast road, to visit Ravello, with its beautiful villas overlooking the sea, and to visit Sorrento.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Campania guide.

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