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The Molise region of Italy is situated to the south-east of the country, with the Apennine mountains to the west and the Adriatic coast to the east, and between the regions of Abruzzo (to the north) and Puglia (to the south).

Molise - a guide and places to visit

Campobasso, Molise region of Italy

Note: until 1963 Molise was actually a province of Abruzzo rather than a separate region of Italy.

Molise is an unspoiled region of quiet countryside, tranquil villages and rolling hills.

Although tourism is less developed here than in many parts of Italy, in part because of transport links, this is likely to change - visit while it remains as it is!

There are impressive beaches along the Adriatic coast and a chance to enjoy a region of Italy that has maintained a tranquil 'out of the way' existence, especially when you head east into the natural environment of the hills and mountains.

It is a popular region with outdoor enthusiasts of walking, cycling and mountain biking while watersports are available along the coast and skiing is at Campitello Matese during the winter months.

A part of the protected National park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise falls in the west of the region.

Quiet village in Molise

Towns of Molise

Campobasso is the capital of the region, and has an interesting old town dominated by a castle.

Termoli is the major seaside resort and port town on the Adriatic coast.

Other towns of interest to visitors include the historic centre of Venafro, Trivento, Agnone and Scapoli and Isernia (extensively rebuilt after damage during the Second World War).

Historic monuments also play an important role, with the roman ruins at Larino and Sepino and several cathedrals, abbeys and castle to explore.

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Most Beautiful Villages - Molise

The villages of Oratino and Sepino in Molise are listed among the 'most beautiful villages in Italy'

Orange Flag Tourism towns in Molise

The Italian town of Agnone in Molise is listed among the 'Orange flag towns in Italy'(a national tourist award)

Map of Molise sightseeing & popular sights

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