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Gargano, Puglia

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Gargano is a region in south-east Italy, where it forms a promontory into the Adriatic Sea to the north of Puglia.

The centre of the Gargano is an isolated mountainous region, much of which is now designated as the Gargano National Park while the coastal region is a mix of impressive scenery, with cliffs plunging to the shore and interspersed with beaches and resorts.

There is little important development within the higher regions of Gargano, but below the mountains and around the coast there are several towns of historical interest and also many popular resorts based around the beaches of the promontory.

Cagnano VaranoExploring Gargano

The best known of the seaside resorts on the Gargano coast are those at Mattinata, Peschici and Vieste, while many of the other towns and villages are also interesting:

The characteristic mountainous landscapes of Gargano also includes natural small craters known as sinkholes.

The largest sinkhole is called Centopozzi, a name that refers to the numerous wells in the area around Rignano. Centopozzi ('hundred wells') is also very popular with tourists and nature lovers in the Gargano National Park

The wooded area in Gargano National Park occupies some areas of the highest mountains and includes almost all species of the Mediterranean bush, such as oaks, mastic, olive, fern and holly.

Rodi GarganicoIn the park there are also many varieties of birds such as owls, sparrows, robins, swallows and crows.

Also worth seeing is the dolmen (dolmen is a tomb of the prehistoric Neolithic period, built with a few rough stones planted upright in the ground in support of a large horizontal slab) of Rignano Garganico, discovered in 2001. The monument is situated on the plain of the Virgin of Christ, not far from the “Paglicci” Cave.


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