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Frasassi caves, Marche

Visit Frasassi caves

The caves at Frasassi (Grotte di Frasassi) are at Genga, 50 kilometres south-west of Ancona, in the Le Marche region.

Only discovered in the 1971, the Grotte di Frasassi is one of the largest known cave systems in Europe and has an impressive array of stalactites and stalagmites spread along 1500 metres of accesible caverns.

We can hardly imagine the excitement the underground explorers must have had when they discovered such an immense underground system! By 1974 the first visitors to the Frasassi caves were being admitted.

Visiting Frasassi caves

Visited by guided tour that takes just over an hour to complete, the chambers in the caves are awesome in their size - up to 240 metres in height - and very impressive, enhanced with various light effects en route.

The range of rock formations, stalactites, water pools etc to be seen at Frasassi is astounding and a visit highly recommended.

Despite the area now open to the public there is still a large part of the caves that can not be visited by the public, and although almost 15 kilometres of passages and caves have been explored in the system this is believed to be less than half of the total

The largest cave at Frasassi - the Cave of the Wind (also the largest cave in Europe) - has become well known by the Italian public after being used in an unusual TV reality programme which involved seeing how well people got on when shut in a cave together for a long time. Hmmm, don't fancy that much myself!

Close to Frasassi caves

The region around the Frasassi caves is a mix of quiet hill villages and very attractive scenery including the Gola della Rossa Nature Park which is also well worth exploring.

We particularly suggest you follow the road towards Ganga to visit the Temple of Valadier and the Sanctuary of Saint Maria Infrasaxa, situated in a hillside cave and in a particularly scenic location.

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Map of Frasassi caves & places nearby


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