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Belluno is in the northern part of the Veneto-Venezia region, just where the flat plains of the south meet the dolomites and mountains to the north - north of Conegliano and south of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Venice is less than an hour to the south.

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The town has an attractive backdrop of mountains. Although it is the proximity of these mountains, and the outdoor pursuits that they provide, that attracts many of the visitors to Belluno, the town itself is very attractive and deserves investigation.

River and Belluno town on hill behindStart your tour of Belluno in the Piazza del Duomo, surrounded by grand palaces and villas.

The Belluno cathedral is also here - a pleasing if unexceptional building in the yellow stone that characterises the buildings in the region.

The tower - Torre Civica - is all that remains of the castle that once stood in the town.

Continue to pass some time simply soaking up the relaxing atmosphere then after exploring, the best place to recover and to people watch is in one of the cafes around the Piazza dei Martiri.

For the best views across the town and the surrounding region, take the chairlift up the mountain and enjoy even more stunning views.

Note re. picture: Lake Misurina is the greater natural lake of the Cadore and it is 1,754 m above sea level. The perimeter is 2.6 km long, while the depth is 5m.


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